Will soundproofing solve squeaky flooring?

In the midst of desperation, it’s easy to get dragged into expensive soundproofing techniques and products like matting, foams, insulation etc. Will any of them work to resolve a squeaky creaky chipboard floor? The quick answer to that is simply NO. Any reputable sound proofing company would agree. They may help to a degree, but minimally.

The phenomena of squeaky creaky chipboard flooring is of a mechanical origin. In other words it’s created by movement. Even during the period when soundproofing products are installed and the chipboard is either put/screwed back down or the installers opt to add screws prior to installing matting, this still won’t stop deflection/movement of the joists. To look at that further, you can read my article entitled ‘does screwing into chipboard stop the squeaking‘. 

There is only ONE real and permanent way to remove noise associated with the dreaded chipboard. Get rid of it!

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