What is the problem with chipboard flooring?

From our twenty years observing and having to deal with chipboard flooring, there are several notable problems.

The main, most obvious, and likely relevant problem to you, is it squeaks/creaks.

Over the length of time we’ve had the pleasure (sarcasm) of dealing with chipboard flooring, we’ve experienced pretty much every type conceivable. From treated, untreated, installed this way, and installed that way. Every time the old story keeps coming back, it squeaks.

With that, it’s worth noting that your property or area is not unique. The problem of noisy chipboard is wide spread. To strengthen that point, unfortunately you’ll have to take my word for this, we’ve received emails from all over the country, North to South, East to West.

If you’d like to know why chipboard squeaks/creaks…click here…

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