What Is Our Solution

Our solution to your squeaky floors is straight forward.

We remove your noisy chipboard and replace it with structural plywood.

It’s fair  to say the process is far more technical than that as we deal with noggins, building straps, pipes, joist hangers, partition wall fixings, and cracking/popping ceiling noises, but the essence of what we do is right there in the statement “Remove the chipboard, replace with ply”!

This results in a permanently squeak free floor. This is not a diy task! There are processes that need to be followed to ensure the success of the solution, that we’ve spent the last several years developing.

It works, once and for all!


The skills and technology we utilise :-

  • Combined 50 years in the wood flooring installation industry.
  • A vast array of specialist and specific tools. From basic wood working and leverage tools, to a huge selection of required power tools, to more specific discovery tools i.e. endoscopes, pipe and cable finders etc.
  • A deep understanding of how wood behaves, from dimensional expansion/contraction ratio’s to coefficients.
  • Exceptional due diligence. Due to the nature of this work, we tread very carefully to prevent harm to people or damage to property.
  • Experience in this field. As we are the sole developers of this system, we have the absolute knowledge and expertise to carry this work out.
  • A deep understanding, knowledge, and means of addressing what causes noise in new build or renovated properties, including chipboard/floorboards, fixings/nails/screws, noggins, sistered joists, partition wall base rail fixings, metal hangers and/or straps, pipes, cracking noises coming from below ceilings etc.
  • The logistical experience to produce an efficient result. From the external logistics of product delivery and acclimatisation to the in-house logistics of simply working with clients that live in the properties i.e. cleanliness, juggling of furniture and floor coverings etc. 

For guidance and to discuss your options, contact us here.