Solution – Change Chipboard For Ply?

It’s so simple! Why didn’t everyone think of that?! National house builders, mid sized developers, small builders. All of these over the last sixty years. Why didn’t someone just say “all you have to do is change the chipboard for ply and all the issues and noises will be gone!”

Well, I’ll tell you why, because doing just that simply doesn’t work! The issue/s are far more than that.

Over the past several years we’ve pretty much seen it all. PVA injected into nail holes and chipboard seams, WD40, talcum powder, extra long and/or specialist screws, gimmick after gimmick.

Over the past several years we’ve lifted a decent amount of ply sub-floors either installed from new or retrospectively fitted. I’ve had people tell me that they just did what we do! Presumably information and assumption gleaned from our website. Please note, the information on this website is for promotional purposes only. This is not a ‘How To’ site. We provide a real guaranteed service that requires us to pay real wages and maintain a real company.

The solution is not to simply do this or do that. It is not to simply change your current failed chipboard for ply. If it was that easy, we simply wouldn’t exist.

For permanent silence, for a property that feels well built and oozes quality, you need someone that has gone thoroughly through the mill. Someone with a background in engineering and wood floor installations. Someone that truly understands the myriad of issues related with failed sub-floors. The only SIMPLE way of solving this issue for good is to get in touch with SqueakFix..

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