Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  1. Save where otherwise agreed in writing ‘SqueakFix Ltd’ (‘the Company’) shall execute the works on the following terms and conditions, which are incorporated into the contract between the Company and the customer and the acceptance of the Company’s quotation will signify acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  2. The Company shall comply with and give all notices required by any statute, any statutory instrument, rule or order or any regulation or bye-law applicable to the works and shall pay all fees and charges in respect of the works legally recoverable from it.
  3. The Company shall complete the works in accordance with this quotation with due diligence and in a good and workmanlike manner using materials and workmanship of the quality and standards therein specified.
  4. The Company shall use its best endeavours to complete the works within any period of time specifically agreed in writing between the Company and the customer, but this will not form the basis of the contract and the Company shall not be liable for any delays caused by reasons beyond its reasonable control, including but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, inclement weather and delays in obtaining materials from suppliers.
  5. In the event of any variation to the works by the customer, either orally or in writing, this variation will be confirmed by the Company in writing and unless the order is rescinded within seven days shall be treated as confirmed.
  6. Wherever possible a quotation will be given for any additional works or variations to the contract, but otherwise will be charged at a fair price based on the variation.
  7. The Company will not be liable to the customer for any unforeseen site conditions not apparent at time of survey and without opening up the existing structure or groundworks.
  8. If on installation the building is found to have any structural defects, infestation or other serious defect the Company shall inform the customer accordingly and agree to postpone the works until the customer, at the customer’s expense, has rectified the problem.
  9. In the event of any such postponement the Company shall be entitled to be paid for all materials on site.
  10. All materials and equipment on site which form part of the contract works shall remain the property and be in exclusive possession of the Company until such time as the contract sum has been paid in full.
  11. Value Added Tax will be charged at the rate prevailing at the time of completion of the works.
  12. The Company shall be entitled to payment as follows and as detailed in this quotation:
    1. Deposit with order
    2. Stage payments
    3. Balance in full on completion of work
  13. The Company shall be entitled to charge compound interest on all outstanding monies at the rate of 5% per week over Bank of England Base rate prevailing at the time the monies are due.
  14. In the event of any dispute arising during the course of or subsequent to completion of the contract the customer will not be entitled to withhold payment in excess of an amount representing a reasonable valuation of the work required to rectify or replace any allegedly defective works which are the subject of the dispute.
  15. The quotation includes for essential making good after fitting/installation but does not include for redecoration and ancillary works such as refitting curtain rails, floor covering, alarms, telephone points etc.
  16. In addition to its statutory obligations the Company guarantees the works against faulty materials and workmanship after installation as follows:
    1. Structural plywood or OSB sheet materials will be guaranteed to not delaminate under normal in-home climate conditions. Abnormal in-home conditions being excessive raises in air humidity and water leaks.
    2. Structural plywood or OSB sheet materials will be guaranteed to not squeak or creak for a period of 5 years when incorporated with our installation methods.
    3. All mechanical parts such as floor screws etc that are subject to wear and tear are guaranteed against malfunction under normal use for a period of 5 years.
    4. Any accidental leaks or electrical issues caused by ourselves will be rectified at our expense or that of our nominated liability insurance company, or the cost of such repair paid directly to a/your bonofidi qualified tradesman.
  17. This guarantee is conditional on the works being adequately and properly maintained and does not cover any physical damage caused by misuse, impact, abrasion, or cleaning with excessive water or a non-proprietary chemical.
  18. The purpose of our work is to remove squeaks, creaks, cracking/popping noises associated ONLY with chipboard flooring, floorboards, partition wall/s and plasterboard ceilings below the relevant rooms. The purpose of our work is not to make a property completely silent. Mechanical supports/fixings, wood work, sistered joists, joist deflection, pipework and/or fixings, electrical cables and/or fixings, or any other aspects of the property are not covered by this guarantee unless specifically caused, and reasonably proven to be caused by ourselves, via a relevant bonofidi construction industry approved assessor. 
  19. Notice of any claim under this guarantee must be made in writing to the Company within fourteen days of the alleged defect becoming apparent.
  20. This guarantee is not transferable unless requested in writing and agreed to by the Company, and is subject to an administration fee, which will be advised by the Company at the time of the request.

Please print this page to form your guarantee along with your final invoice. These should be presented with any registered complaint. Should you be unable to print this page, a copy can be provided by ourselves on request.

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