Why not just screw the chipboard/floorboards down?

If it was that easy, SqueakFix probably wouldn’t exist!  

As can be seen in our ‘example video 7‘, screws rarely offer a ‘real’ permanent solution. It’s fair to say, very small localized areas may benefit from simply being screwed down. However, over the years we’ve found screws can and often do actually add to the problem. 

There’s also an understanding of the noise issues which is important here. It’s rarely just the chipboard/floorboards that cause noise. 99% of the time – as well as the chipboard/floorboards – noise is created by a multitude of things. For example, loose noggins, joist hangers, ceilings, partition wall base rail fixings, pipes etc. To simply try to screw the chipboard/floorboards down is only to try and fix a fifth of the related issues. 

A word of caution

If you’re thinking of trying to add screws yourself or have someone do it for you, be very careful. Under your floors lie many pipes and cables. Although there have been huge advances in electrical safety i.e. With the introduction of RCD’s, you just never know. 

Screwing into a water pipe can do a lot of damage to ceiling, woodwork, floors, and d├ęcor. Water is also an excellent conductor of electricity!

Screwing into a gas pipe (yes, there will often be one lurking somewhere) can be extremely dangerous and not to say expensive. In the interests of not scaremongering, there seems to be very few cases where screwing into a gas pipe has caused considerable damage/injury. However, it’s extremely easy to unwittingly screw through a copper pipe and not know about it. Merely catching/nicking a gas pipe will allow gas to escape and build up in the floor cavity. 

In short, DO NOT play Russian roulette!