Cracking Ceiling Noises Solved!

After recently being asked to solve cracking ceiling noises in a brand new home, it has come to our attention that current recommended guidelines to install resilient bars is somewhat flawed. The particular property we were asked to look at had significant issues with the ceilings emitting a cracking/popping sound. This was after the ceilings had resilient bars installed!  

Guidelines produced in 2013 by the GPDA, UK Timber Frame Association, NHBC and Salford University had come close to answering this huge problem. They stated the issue was down to “the junction between the joist, block work party or external walls and the plasterboard wall/ceiling lining”. However, from our experience, we have recognised this is not the case. Often the noise comes from the entire ceiling, not just the perimeter. An echoed description of it sounding like a clap of thunder across the ceiling when moving foot load is applied upstairs. 

The problem is indeed the whole ceilings and not just the perimeter. Using resilient bars typically reduces the noise by around 60% (In some cases higher/fully, in some cases lower). The longevity of the resilient bar solution is also in question. This is to do with the fundamental reason for the cracking/popping noises occurring.  

Frustratingly for you the reader, I can not go into exact details as to why this phenomena occurs. Our system solves these ceiling noises and then some. For me to tell all on this issue may have an extremely damaging effect on our business and therefore on our staff. I know this may sound unfair in an age where the internet provides all the answers, however, when you spend years researching an issue and developing a solid long term solution, to just give that away in a post would be even more unfair on us. 

Do rest assured however, if your property does have this issue, our services can be sought. 

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