Our Solution Is Life Changing

Over the years, we’ve come into contact with people that are just at the end of their tether from the disruption caused by chronically noisy chipboard floors! To those that don’t suffer this problem, it may well seem somewhat trivial. For those that do, it can very literally be depressing. 

Imagine constantly living on an 18th century ship (without the rocking of course)?

Some houses can sound haunting. Continue reading “Our Solution Is Life Changing”

The Emotional Effects Of Noisy Chipboard

Over the years of dealing with and solving chronic noisy chipboard floors and their other associated problems, we’ve clearly been given the chance to gain a great deal of feedback from our clients. When I started this company, I don’t think I was fully aware of just what effect these floors were having on people.

Of course, the effects of noise is down to perspective and type of constitution a person has. However, everyone has their limits. Continue reading “The Emotional Effects Of Noisy Chipboard”

Why Is Chipboard Destined To Fail?

Coming from a lengthy wood floor installation background of collectively more than fifty years, clearly we’re well placed to provide you with good quality information. Over the past several years addressing failed chipboard floors, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how it works and why it fails on a regular basis. 

Here’s a previous article highlighting five main reasons why chipboard fails , but in this article we’ll be looking at why it is destined to fail, even when all installation and acclimatisation guidelines are strictly met.  Continue reading “Why Is Chipboard Destined To Fail?”

Is Noisy Chipboard Normal?

I’ve recently had a lengthy conversation with a potential client of ours regarding their six month old property. The floors are horrendous, and that’s putting it mildly! As the property is so new, clearly a guarantee is given with the build, backed by the NHBC. This particular guarantee covers two instances of structural failure. Of which my client was under the impression his floors would be covered. 

Apparently there is some disagreement with that fact. I’ve been told of comments given to some of our passed clients from the NHBC Continue reading “Is Noisy Chipboard Normal?”

Why is our solution to squeaky chipboard so successful?

Having spent a very high percentage of my wood flooring career coming into contact with the dreaded chipboard squeak, I, like many others just became complacent to the fact. “That’s just chipboard flooring. It squeaks, end of!”. My complacency was the same as everyone else’s. It’s almost like culturally, people had just given up and conceded. 

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It’s Not Always Just Chipboard That Squeaks

A lot of blame for squeaky creaky sub-floors can be attributed to chipboard, and rightly so. Chipboard is a chronic and consistent problem in our day and age. Although chipboard can be associated with approximately 90% of the typical squeaks and creaks, over the years we’ve found several areas that also add to the noise..

One of them being mid joist support noggins and/or perimeter noggins. Often Continue reading “It’s Not Always Just Chipboard That Squeaks”

Squeaky Floor In Newly Renovated Property

The absolute last thing anyone would expect with a newly renovated property is squeaky noisy floors! And rightly so! Since we began solving squeaky chipboard floors, we’ve received a huge number of enquiries from clients with brand new or nearly brand new renovated properties all over the country..

Anyone in their right mind would not dream of accepting a fresh build that is stunning in every way, except the most critical aspect that will let itself be known every STEP of the way!  Continue reading “Squeaky Floor In Newly Renovated Property”

Squeaky landing floors

Landing floors are often ground zero of the noisy flooring world. They are the epicentre. A place where heating pipes converge as they branch off into each individual room and the boiler. For retrospective work, a place where direct access to pipe fittings i.e. Elbows, straight connectors, reducers, and ‘T’ sections, are often priority. Pipe work aside, landings are a place of extremely high use, where one of the main thoroughfares of a house is found..

Let’s get this straight, plumbers do not care about your floors squeaking, and in some sense, why should they? They’re plumbers, not floor installers. They’ll cut Continue reading “Squeaky landing floors”

Rise In New Build Squeaky Floor Enquiries

As I sit here and write this, I’m frankly dumbstruck. We started developing our squeaky chipboard floor solution around five years ago, initially expecting our target market to be properties built between the 1970’s to early 2000’s. How wrong we were..

I can say, the larger proportion of properties we work on are within the range above. However, since we’ve been pro-actively approaching our market via Continue reading “Rise In New Build Squeaky Floor Enquiries”