Squeaky landing floors

Landing floors are often ground zero of the noisy flooring world. They are the epicentre. A place where heating pipes converge as they branch off into each individual room and the boiler. For retrospective work, a place where direct access to pipe fittings i.e. Elbows, straight connectors, reducers, and ‘T’ sections, are often priority. Pipe work aside, landings are a place of extremely high use, where one of the main thoroughfares of a house is found..

Let’s get this straight, plumbers do not care about your floors squeaking, and in some sense, why should they? They’re plumbers, not floor installers. They’ll cut Continue reading “Squeaky landing floors”

Rise In New Build Squeaky Floor Enquiries

As I sit here and write this, I’m frankly dumbstruck. We started developing our squeaky chipboard floor solution around five years ago, initially expecting our target market to be properties built between the 1970’s to early 2000’s. How wrong we were..

I can say, the larger proportion of properties we work on are within the range above. However, since we’ve been pro-actively approaching our market via Continue reading “Rise In New Build Squeaky Floor Enquiries”

Our Worst Yet?

Over the past five years we’ve seen some pretty bad chipboard floors, but I think we may have seen our worst yet. Although, it is hard to say that as there seems to be one that tops all every month!

Our client had moved into the property in November 2016. Her words were “It didn’t seem as bad when I came to view the house”. We find this happens a lot. Continue reading “Our Worst Yet?”

Squeaky Creaking Flooring Nationwide Problem

Over the last four years we’ve had emails and jobs booked in all over the country. The problem of squeaky creaky floors is and always will be nationwide. If you’re sat there wondering if it’s only ‘your’ house that has this problem, well, by virtue of this article, it certainly is not!

Here’s a brief oversight of locations we’ve visited or people that have been in contact for help to solve this epidemic.  Perth (Scotland), Edinburgh, Dumfries, Carlisle, Leeds, Southport, Manc Continue reading “Squeaky Creaking Flooring Nationwide Problem”

Selling a house with squeaky floors

We’ve done a decent amount of market research over the last few years. Asking homeowners and estate agents one pretty exact question, “Has your squeaky floors presented issues when selling your/a property?” The overwhelming answer, Yes!…

I spoke to an estate agent in Prestwich, Manchester, not long ago. She’d had a house (New style) on the market for a year. Six viewings later, and every one of Continue reading “Selling a house with squeaky floors”

Damaged floorboards will always squeak

We’ve all experienced it at some point. Squeaky creaking floorboards. By floorboards, I mean solid plank timber boards often around 150 to 200 mm wide by 20 mm thick with a tongue and groove machined on all respective sides. This article will explain in detail why damaged floorboards will always squeak or creak. 

Firstly, I need to expand on the word ‘Damaged’ in the title. That word is somewhat misleading. When I say ‘damaged’, I’m Continue reading “Damaged floorboards will always squeak”

The difference between floorboards and chipboard

Confusing floorboards for chipboard is an easy and common mistake to make. Generally it’s simply the terms used that are incorrect and not the actual visual image of what people are describing. If you’ve ended up here because you’re on a quest to solve noisy flooring, then it may be helpful to understand the difference. Floorboards and chipboard are two very different animals and can require a unique approach to resolve noise. If you’re just here to find out the difference for another reason, then stick around…


Floorboards are made from whole trees. The tree is cut in a particular way to produce one solid and long length of wood. Typically at dimensions of between Continue reading “The difference between floorboards and chipboard”

Are squeaky floor noises always down to chipboard?

It’s easy to attack chipboard as the sole reason for noisy floors. However, there are typically five other culprits that often require dealing with to remove noise.

1. The most common noise after chipboard squeaks, is a very angry growly noise near walls. This will be one of two things. The most likely is the nails used to secure the partition wall base timber. These nails go through the timber and Continue reading “Are squeaky floor noises always down to chipboard?”

Squeaky floor in new extension

We’ve been fixing squeaky creaky chipboard noise now for some time. We originally thought our target audience (so to speak) was going to be new style properties build from the 90’s on-wards. However, since we started, we’ve found a lot of our work has also been solving this issue in new extensions. It would seem the go to flooring for builders is chipboard…

The overwhelming sentiment our clients have expressed, is that they simply Continue reading “Squeaky floor in new extension”