A few simple steps to silence

So you’re plagued by THE noise?! Squeaky/creaky chipboard flooring!

You’re not alone! You need a solution before it drives you and your family crazy.

Welcome to the solution….Us!


Benefits of our solution

  • No more plotting a route through the squeaky mine field

  • No more waking the house up

  • Increased saleability and value of your property

  • No more intrusive noises when you’re relaxing downstairs

  • Bring back the quality feel to your property

  • No more embarrassment when people come to visit

  • Full liability cover both during and after work has been carried out

  • 5 Year SqueakFix Guarantee!

  • Free 12 month Insurance Backed Guarantee for your peace of mind

  • Guaranteed Price. If we find unforeseen issues, you won’t have to pay a penny more

  • Health and Safety protocols and systems in place


Over the past 25 years as wood floor installers, we have recognized a serious problem with squeaky/noisy floors in new build style properties.

Using this experience, we have developed a REAL solution that works! We WILL remove 95% of noise associated with chipboard flooring and more, GUARANTEED!

Our mission is to provide you with a property that sounds and feels right, forever. To make your property NORMAL! Permanently! Just how it should have been in the first place.


What areas do you cover?

We are a 'nationwide' company. Therefore, we cover the whole of the UK. Although, certain areas can be extremely expensive to provide service for...

How do I get a quote and subsequently have the work done?

At the top of this page you'll see an orange button that reads 'Get A Free Quote'. Click that button. Read the brief information displayed. Below...

What do you actually do?

Our system is specifically aimed at permanently removing squeaks, creaks, cracks, and growls from your floors. As well as give your property back...

Will you remove all the noise?

We offer/guarantee to remove THE noise up to 95%. 

The 5% caveat is to allow for areas we may not be able to gain access to i.e. Beneath...

How long does it take?

Typically, an average sized room will take one to one and a half days.

This can fluctuate subject to how the original...

How much does it cost?

As a nationwide company (based in Manchester) there are many variables to consider when pricing i.e. travel, overnight stays, materials/delivery...

Why can you solve this and others can’t?

Solving the ever present issues of failing chipboard/floorboards has required a lot of thought, trials, and errors. We were well placed to start...

Why not just screw the chipboard/floorboards down?

If it was that easy, SqueakFix probably wouldn't exist!  

As can be seen in our 'example video 7', screws rarely offer a 'real' permanent...

Do you have to lift the carpets?

Yes. The work we do is invasive. We will require full access to the sub-floor (chipboard/floorboards). 

Please be wary of gimmicky...

Do you re-install carpets?

In a word, No.

We DO uplift carpets and loose lay them back down when the work has been completed. However, as we are not...

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