A few simple steps to silence

So you’re plagued by THE noise?! Squeaky/creaky chipboard flooring!

You’re not alone! You need a solution before it drives you and your family crazy.

Welcome to the solution….Us!


Benefits of our solution

  • No more plotting a route through the squeaky mine field.

  • No more waking the house up.

  • Increased saleability of your property.

  • No more intrusive noises when you’re relaxing downstairs.

  • Bring back the quality feel to your property.

  • No more embarrassment when people come to visit or stay.


Over the past 20 years we have recognized a serious problem with squeaky/noisy chipboard floors in new build style properties.

Over the last 4 years, we have developed a real solution that is simple, cost effective, and works! We can remove 99% of noise associated with chipboard flooring!



Our Worst Yet?

Over the past five years we’ve seen some pretty bad chipboard floors, but I think we may have seen our worst yet. Although, it is hard to say that as there seems to be one that tops all every month! Our client had moved into the property in November 2016. Her words were “It didn’t …


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